Friday, May 30, 2008


Visitors to this site have seen me working on an illustration featuring kids in an attic being startled by squirrels (just scroll down to see what I'm talking about). At some point I decided that the illustration would make a good postcard. And that got me thinking about a spot illustration for the address side. But what?

I thought about the "story"and what might happen next...

The kids run from the attic in a panic and drop their book of ghost stories. And then the squirrels find the book and spook themselves!

I was happy to work on a spot illustration. To be honest, the attic scene is a little intimidating and this spot is a good warm up. When I painted this, I started by covering the drawing with a dark layer of burnt umber and then worked from dark to light - an effective approach for nighttime scenes!


John B. Watson said...

Good idea for the flip side of the postcard. Looks like you made an effort to stay loose. This helps especially with the fur. Colors and poses are effective as well. Don't be intimidated by the attic scene. Dive right in--it's gonna be great!

John B. Watson said...

I like the slight modifications you made to one of the squirrel's eyes and the added detail to the book. Now it's even better than before!