Friday, July 25, 2008

Bear Scare

I've been working away on this illustration for a couple weeks. It's come a long way since I first posted sketches; I feel it has further to go but I need to take a break. I'll step away for a couple days, collect some feedback from other illustrators and gain some fresh perspective. Then I'll get back to painting and finish it off or good.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Project Runway is Back!

I sketched these two contestants from the Season 3 DVD of Project Runway (got to love that pause button). And yes, those are real tattoos on that guy's neck.

I think creative types of all stripes can (and should) enjoy this show. Every week an eclectic group of fashion designers are challenged to create high fashion under a variety of constraints. How would you like to create an evening gown out of garbage? Or redesign the uniform for US mail carriers? Oh, and you have 30 minutes to sketch and 6 hours before your garment has to walk down the runway to be judged.

Project Runway is about creativity under pressure. Anyone that has pulled an all-nighter to meet a deadline will relate and empathize with these contestants.

Season 5 of Project Runway begins Wednesday, July 16 on Bravo in the US!