Monday, May 19, 2008

Work in Progress: Attic Kids


John B. Watson said...

I really like the environment, poses and mood of the illustration in the post below. I don't think you need the fourth kid poking her head up through the trap door. I think she's too distracting. I'd add the dog in her place. The one thing that stands out for me as something to be cautious of is that the more you develop the skeches, the tighter they get and the more faithful you are to human/animal anatomy, which is you're going for a more realistic style is fine. If not, you're losing the cartoony quality that I personally feel is more fun and evident in the earlier sketches (plus b/c they're looser, they have more "life.") Still, it's all personal preference. Either way it looks like there's the makings of a very strong piece. Continued good luck as you move on to the paiting step!

Gina Perry said...

It's really coming along!

ok, TAG - you're it. check my blog to see what that means (it's an easy one, I promise!)

Todd Bonita said...

Hey Robert, don't know if you got my email but I was on your web sight and blog last night checking out your work..what a strange coincidence. I absolutely love your stuff, very strong and a hell of a draftsman. I love looking at good drawing and you've got that magic.
Looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday.

Andy J Smith illustration said...

Tight stuff! Teaming with expression and action! Great poses!