Friday, October 12, 2012

Release the Kraken -- I mean Cetus!

This beasty is the mighty sea monster Cetus. I had the opportunity to draw this mythological beast – along with Pegasus, Neptune and even the head of Medusa – for The Story of Cassiopeia, a book written by Thomas Kingsley Troupe and published by Picture Window Books.

The books is based on a Roman constellation myth that tells the story of Cassiopeia, the vain queen that dares to think she is more beautiful than than Neptune's daughters, the sea nymphs. When word of Cassiopeia's boast reaches Jupiter, he becomes furious and sets out to destroy Cassiopeia's kingdom. What happens next? Well, you'll have to buy the book! Or you can look it up the ancient myth on Wikipedia...

I had a blast illustrating this book. The story is full of action, angst and MONSTERS! The ten-year-old in me was thrilled to be designing and drawing my very own Cetus!