Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!! (Resurrecting an Old Post)

When I was a kid, the local Recreation Department held a Halloween window painting contest and every year I would enter. I recently made a high-resolution scan from the negative of this old photo. The resulting 2400 dpi scan is full of details (and memories) that until now were too small to see in the original print. I can now read what I wrote on the coffin - "Dracula's Pad." Also, I can make out a witch riding a vacuum cleaner and a Jawa (from Star Wars) onboard a spaceship.  That's my brother David stealing my limelight.

People familiar with my home town might be curious where this was painted -  that's the laundromat on Lincoln Street.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Educational Work

I've been busy working on illustrations for an educational publisher. The client was looking for black and white illustrations with no outlines. My portfolio was lacking that type of work but I felt it was well within my comfort zone. I whipped up a sample and convinced the client I was a good fit. FYI: The fellow is this illustration survives his heart attack!