Saturday, May 24, 2008

Work in Progress: Attic Scene Tonal Study

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John B. Watson said...

Nice! I know that's supposed to be a study, but if it were me, I'd submit that as the final piece. It has a great mood, lighting, composition, character design and slightly loose line quality/paint application (which gives it LIFE!) Chris Van Alsburg would be envious.

I still think the squirrels are in a slightly more realistic style than the kids and could benefit from being slightly more cartoony w/o loosing their creepy quality. I think the dog makes the composition too busy where he is now. I'd either set him back with the kids on all fours or omit him.

The final should be (and the "study" already is) a very strong piece. Resist the urge to make it "perfect." It is our "flaws" that make us (and our art unique and possess character...)

--Super Critic