Monday, May 26, 2008

Work in Progress: Attic Scene Color Study


John B. Watson said...

Looks good (though I prefer a monochromatic look for this particluar illustration--black & white or shades of blue.) You may want to experiment with giving the background elements/objects a small amount of color. I think the squirrels need some color (gray.) Still think the dog is more of a distraction (clutter) than an asset. Almost time to paint! I assume this is going to be done in acrylic. I hope so; that seems to be your strongest medium. Good luck!

Andy J Smith illustration said...

Really coming together nicely! I like the palette but maybe you can push the contrast a bit more like in the tonal study? Maybe just the highlights on the kids. Possibly manipulating the saturation on the foreground? Skewed color to heighten the drama? Maybe I'm reaching. I do agree that the dog might be clutter. The composition is working well enough on its own. The trap door girl is an excellent addition! Can't wait to see more!