Friday, August 29, 2008

Illustration Friday: Memories: THEN & NOW

You're probably wondering, "What am I looking at?"

Inspired by the Illustration Friday topic, "Memories," I dug out one of my composition books from grade school. The notebook was devoted to a catalogue of state facts (state tree, state flower, state nickname...). Throughout the notebook are doodles. Inexplicably, the page for "Oklahma" has a sketch of a boy spitting seeds with the caption "watermelon spitting contest!"

Above is the sketch from thirty years ago. Today I took another crack at the subject. It's encouraging to see that I've improved. (I have improved, right?!)

Below is the complete drawing. As I often do for Illustration Friday, I challenged myself to create an illustration in short order. I completed this in an hour and a half. Medium is acrylic with some colored pencil.

Here's some fascinating state facts from my research:
"Magnet Cove etc make AR a wonderful state!"
"AL has a statue in honor of a bug (boll weevil)"
"AK is the closses state to Russia"
"IA has the biggest popcorn-packing plant in the USA."
"People visit Las Vegas to get rinch??"