Thursday, June 12, 2008

Attic Kids: Painting Progress

I'm making progress on the final attic painting! The actual piece is 14" x 10" and done in acrylic. This is approximately 75% done.


John B. Watson said...

Looking good at this stage. The background is nice and the lighting is taking shape to create that creepy, cluttered attic feeling. The kids look decent so far as do the squirrels. If you make those tweaks we talked about it should make a big difference and I think you'll end up with a very strong piece. Good luck!

Lab Cat said...

I love the way the lighting just lights up their eyes enough for you to see how scared they are.

RenzoEhernandez said...

Great piece, it's really good, even at just 75%. Good luck with anything else you might want to improve on it, either way a job well done.

Renzo Hernandez