Saturday, March 23, 2013

Highlights Cover March 2013

My illustration graces the cover of Highlights magazine, March 2013!

The Year In Review 2012

Happy New Year! How are those resolutions going? My resolution to update this blog more frequently hasn't gone so well...

Drawing Neptune and Friends

The Story of Cassiopeia is a book recently published by Picture Window Books, written by Thomas Kingsley Troupe and illustrated by yours truly! There are more details about the book in my previous post; in this post I'm going to show some of the steps that lead to a finished illustration.

Thumbnail sketch of the spread showing Neptune conjuring the sea creature Cetus. At this point I'm only working on the composition of the double page spread. Character design comes next...

Once I have an idea of how the page will be composed I start

Friday, October 12, 2012

Release the Kraken -- I mean Cetus!

This beasty is the mighty sea monster Cetus. I had the opportunity to draw this mythological beast – along with Pegasus, Neptune and even the head of Medusa – for The Story of Cassiopeia, a book written by Thomas Kingsley Troupe and published by Picture Window Books.

The books is based on a Roman constellation myth that tells the story of Cassiopeia, the vain queen that dares to think she is more beautiful than than Neptune's daughters, the sea nymphs. When word of Cassiopeia's boast reaches Jupiter, he becomes furious and sets out to destroy Cassiopeia's kingdom. What happens next? Well, you'll have to buy the book! Or you can look it up the ancient myth on Wikipedia...

I had a blast illustrating this book. The story is full of action, angst and MONSTERS! The ten-year-old in me was thrilled to be designing and drawing my very own Cetus!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cappy Hampers

These happy campers appeared in Highlights for Children magazine earlier this year. The "Campfire Bait" rebus was written by Aline Alexander Newman and illustrated by yours truly.

High priced, big-time professional modeling types.
Generally, when I start a drawing I work from my imagination. But there's usually a point where I feel I need to look at some reference. For this illustration I borrowed my brother and my nephew. My goal wasn't to create a likeness of this dynamic duo; rather, I used their photos to help me draw more convincing poses, camp chairs, and folds in clothing.

It's been a while, but I'd guess I also looked at photos of bark, pine needles on a branch, fishing poles, tackle boxes, raccoons and probably even hot dogs!

I've done some camping in my day and my experiences crept into this illustration. That's my tent and my cooler in the background. There is one camping detail that I left out of this illustration – mosquitoes!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Highlights Hidden Pictures Spring Cover

Can you find the bumble bee hidden in this illustration? What about the duck? The frog? The butterfly? The rabbit? And the turtle? The turtle is a real tough one…

Scott and Wendy: Hidden Pictures addicts.
It takes a keen eye to find Hidden Pictures, but trust me, it takes an even keener eye to draw them! That's why I'm grateful to my optometrist, Sheila M. White, for setting me up with some stylish drawing glasses. I stopped by The Eyeglass Shop recently to give them a copy of the Spring Highlights Hidden Pictures, which features this illustration on the cover.  

The folks at the shop are long-time fans of Highlights, and Hidden Pictures in particular. They actually have contests to see who can find all the hidden objects first! I was proud to supply them with a Hidden Pictures puzzle of my own, and I thank them for keeping my drawing eyes in decent shape.

The Spring Highlights Hidden Pictures is in stores now through May 22nd!

Preliminary sketches.