Monday, April 13, 2009

SCBWI Poster Part 3

Part 3: Illustration start to finish

I've made a lot of changes since the last post. The fly is completely different. Because the fly is the focal point I wanted him to rock. My first version of the fly was adequate but I felt he could be better. Here's what's different and why:
  • The pose is more dynamic: All the limbs have been tweaked but the kicking leg is lifted higher making the fly feel less balanced - that's a good thing
  • Fly is more fly like: I looked at photos of real flies and that inspired me to make the overall body shape more squat. I also added hairs and made the wing shape more accurate.
  • Add the funny: I made the bow tie ridiculously big. The proportions are also more humorous, a squat body with big head and thin arms is funny!
I also changed the snake and made the hawk one of those goofy looking barn owls.

Leading the post is a Photoshop color study. 

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John B. Watson said...

I really like the colors you're playing around with. Some of the refinements to the character designs (shapes and poses) are an improvement. I liked the fly better with his eyes closed and mouth open more. It's more obvious that he's singing. I think the frog should be looking at one of the other characters. I think I may also prefer the hawk over the owl; more of a threat. It will be interesting to see how the final illustration turns out. Good luck!