Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don't Think – Draw.

Signing my books is nerve-wracking. I always want to include a drawing. And I want that drawing to be AWESOME! But it's a bit like walking a highwire without a net. There's no chance to revise. No opportunity to rip the page out, throw it against the wall, scream, and start over.

That's probably why I have a stack of books in my studio, collecting dust, waiting to be signed.

Tonight, I tackled some dinosaur books. I opened "Introducing Dinosaurs: Triceratops" and started scratching tentative, wispy lines. I was planning to draw a straightforward dino but then this whimsical Triceratops came out of nowhere.

Generally, I'm a pretty methodical artist. These sketches are more spontaneous and a reminder that I can (occasionally) trust my instincts.


John B. Watson said...

Those "sketches" ARE awesome! More than most people are expecting when you sign their book. Could this mean that the copies of mine that have been held captive will be released soon? This could be the Christmas miracle I've been wishing for!:)

Robert Squier said...

Depends on how naughty or nice you've been.

John B. Watson said...

Uh oh...I'm in trouble:(

Casey G. said...

As always phenomenal! The Triceratops balancing on three feet is so clever and fun. Draw again, finish, make a print, sell? I would hang that up!