Thursday, January 8, 2009

Geeking Out With Dinosaurs

I was fortunate that my recent trip to California coincided with the San Jose stop of Walking With Dinosaurs: The Live Experience! The 90 minute show consists of life-sized animatronic dinosaur puppets that, if I were 5 years old, would have BLOWN MY MIND!

And considering I'm currently illustrating a series of dinosaur books, I could rationalize my attendance without feeling too geeky.

The puppets are a marvel to behold. They moved with near biological accuracy and when combined with smoke, lights and a deafening roar, well, they're pretty awesome!

Not everyone was impressed; my wife fell asleep.


Gina Perry said...

Cool beans Robert - and certainly very appropriate for your current work! I might have nodded off too after 90 minutes though. ;)

John B. Watson said...

Sounds like a hugely entertaining experience! Glad you were able to feel like your 5-year-old, dinosaur-loving self again. Makes me wish I hadn't missed the show when it was in my area.