Monday, July 14, 2008

Project Runway is Back!

I sketched these two contestants from the Season 3 DVD of Project Runway (got to love that pause button). And yes, those are real tattoos on that guy's neck.

I think creative types of all stripes can (and should) enjoy this show. Every week an eclectic group of fashion designers are challenged to create high fashion under a variety of constraints. How would you like to create an evening gown out of garbage? Or redesign the uniform for US mail carriers? Oh, and you have 30 minutes to sketch and 6 hours before your garment has to walk down the runway to be judged.

Project Runway is about creativity under pressure. Anyone that has pulled an all-nighter to meet a deadline will relate and empathize with these contestants.

Season 5 of Project Runway begins Wednesday, July 16 on Bravo in the US!


John B. Watson said...

Great sketches! It's sad that I know that it's Jeffrey and Vincent. I see your mission to convert more illustrators/art lovers into Project Runway fans is as strong as ever. People, just watch a few shows to get this guy off your back! I did. Only trouble is, I become something of a P.R. fan for a few seasons!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is fantastic. I dudn't know what to expect, but jeezum. You're so good. I can only hope to be as half as good as you when I get out of college. I am proud to have been your waitress.

Oh yeah, Jeffery's expression is totally AWESOME!

John B. Watson said...

That was sweet of today's waitress and future Maine College of Art graduate to stop by your blog and sing your praises.

Paige, if you read this, it's no problem being half as good as Robert; it's being 51% as good that's the real trick-ha,ha!

Seriously, if you watch Art School Confidential and do the OPPOSITE of the poseurs at that fictitious (but oh so real) school, you'll do just fine. Don't forget us when your photos are appearing in magazines and winning awards OK? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

(Tried to post this on yours but I couldn't.)

Awww! A kitty. How cute! That totally made me smile! You weren't kidding when you two said you had different styles.

I will check out that movie, don't worry. Ha ha. Magazines and awards? If you say so. But yeah, I'm sure I'll remember you two. I'm not good at remembering names, but faces and people in general is a different story. Plus, you two made me laugh.

Gina Perry said...

Nice. Both excellent renditions (I'm a runway fan too). I could never figure out if Jeffrey's neck was really wide or if the tattoo over-emphasized it's width...

John B. Watson said...

Paige: Glad we made you laugh. Laughter has gotten me through many a difficult time in my life. You'll have some of those at MECA. Be sure to pack extra laughs OK?

Thanks for the compliment on the "kitty." Not sure why you weren't able to post on my blog. Weird.

Art School Confidential is a hoot! Every potential art school student should be required to view it before plunging head-first into the jaws of art school. Best of luck. Maybe we'll cross paths again before you're permanently stationed in Portland. It was cool meeting a fellow creative-type who intends on attending my former college. Best of luck--John:)

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