Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kids vs Bear

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John B. Watson said...

I prefer your more cartoony style. That being said, it's off to a decent start. I'd lighten up the bear's fur some (and wouldn't get too carried away with the tiny highlights on his fur.) I hope his claws are going to be black with white highlights.

I like the texture of the boulder, but it flattens out at the moment. Maybe once you add some shadows it will give it more volume.

Not sure how many boys that age (or any) wear purple hats and yellow shirts. I would have gone with a blue hat and orange shirt if you wanted to do the complimentary color thing. Still not sure what he's looking at. The other boy looks good so far.

I like the texture of the foreground tree. Good composition as well. Composition, rendering textures and anatomy seem to be your strong suits. I'd work on clarifying expressions and making the colors/lighting enhance your strengths. Good luck!