Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Something Ancient

When I was a kid, the local Recreation Department held a Halloween window painting contest and every year I would enter. I recently found this old negative and scanned it at 2400 dpi. The resulting image is choke full of lost details and memories. Decades later I can read what I wrote on the coffin–"Dracula's Pad". That's my brother David stealing my limelight.


Mrs. Chili said...

Goodness, Rob! How old were you (is David an older or younger brother)?

All of my artist friends (and I seem to have quite a few - my friends are all either artists or scientists - go figure) exhibited their talents from the time they were dexterous enough to grasp a crayon in a chubby baby fist. That you were painting full scenes on windows in elementary school doesn't surprise me in the least.

Kizz said...

I loved those contests. We always had elaborate plans that didn't necessarily live up to what we saw in our heads. I wish I had some pictures of our "masterpieces".

Whose window were you using that year? It looks like somewhere on Lincoln Street maybe?

John B. Watson said...

Cute. Your artistic abilities have improved slightly since then. Pretty impressive for a little squirt.

Anonymous said...


Greetings window painting master!
Your Halloween windows were usually
my favorites! My neices and nephew
are enjoying your illustrations in
"Max's Math Machine". It's great
to see your work is as solid as
ever and you're getting some
recognition for it! You're an

John B. Watson said...

Let's see some NEW work! (Like I should talk right?) What, are you getting married or something? No time to draw I guess. Maybe bring your sketch pad on the honeymoon...

John B. Watson said...

Congrats on the marriage! Now that this "minor" event of your life is out of the way, let's see some new work:) Yeah I know, where's MY new stuff...