Monday, March 26, 2012

Highlights Hidden Pictures Spring Cover

Can you find the bumble bee hidden in this illustration? What about the duck? The frog? The butterfly? The rabbit? And the turtle? The turtle is a real tough one…

Scott and Wendy: Hidden Pictures addicts.
It takes a keen eye to find Hidden Pictures, but trust me, it takes an even keener eye to draw them! That's why I'm grateful to my optometrist, Sheila M. White, for setting me up with some stylish drawing glasses. I stopped by The Eyeglass Shop recently to give them a copy of the Spring Highlights Hidden Pictures, which features this illustration on the cover.  

The folks at the shop are long-time fans of Highlights, and Hidden Pictures in particular. They actually have contests to see who can find all the hidden objects first! I was proud to supply them with a Hidden Pictures puzzle of my own, and I thank them for keeping my drawing eyes in decent shape.

The Spring Highlights Hidden Pictures is in stores now through May 22nd!

Preliminary sketches.

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Ben said...

Wait, isn't there a bee?