Friday, March 5, 2010

Zombie Jamboree

I'm working on a short comic that will appear in an upcoming anthology of zombie comics. Chris Dahlen wrote the bleak story about a zombie preschool entitled "My Li'l Zombie." Not my typical project but comics are near and dear to my heart. I did a lot of comics as a kid.

Here I am working old school – brush and ink. Actually, brush and gouache. I find gouache doesn't gunk up the brush; it lays down smoothly and holds the brush tip.

The downsize is that gouache isn't waterproof but I'll be doing the color digitally so that's not an issue.


Chuck Dillon said...

Good tip! I never thought about using gouache. Brilliant!

I can't wait to see some finishes.

John B. Watson said...

Good to see you inking "old school." Although substituting gouache for ink is a nice twist with many advantages. And who doesn't love zombies? Ok, they're not some people's cup of tea. I happen to be a card-carrying zombie lover! IF you haven't seen Zombieland, I highly recommend it. Creepy AND funny.