Saturday, September 6, 2008

Illustration Friday: Clutter (from the Archive)

This unfinished illustration is from my early days. I was fairly comfortable with drawing, but painting was a different story. After meticulously transferring a sketch to watercolor paper, I would freeze up for the painting stage.

I felt like I was walking a tightrope every time I applied watercolor. I didn't think there was any way to "fix" a mistake - it was DO or DIE. It was seriously stressful and not much fun at all!

My mind became cluttered with doubt and I abandoned this piece.

Since then, I've learned that watercolor is reversible to a degree. It's possible to "lift" a poorly chosen color out of the paper by saturating the offending pigment with water and scrubbing it off with a brush. My watercolor work was much more successful when I learned such tricks, many thanks to my friend Teri Weidner!

Honestly, watercolor is a drag and still causes me anxiety. For me, acrylic has proven to be a more flexible and freeing medium. A mistake in acrylic can simply be painted over and forgotten!

Here's a closeup of some clutter. 


Kizz said...

I love this scene. I feel like this all the time but I don't look as good feeling it. Plus it's two cats and a dog instead of just the one.

Jen said...

I feel the clutter. I like the perspective you chose.

damon said...

ha ha

beautiful drawing

love it

Matthew A said...

watercolor has that effect on people lol
i know it all too well, but I absolutely adore this illustration!! It would almost make the idea more poignant if you did another version in which you painted the clutter, and left the girl in black and white.
as has already been stated, the perspective is fantastic

Mrs. Chili said...

I love this.

I wonder - how much coloring do you do on the computer now? Talk about being able to reverse a bad color choice!

Tina Poe said...

What a great drawing! You should redo this illustration.

Linda Kay said...

Nice illustrations--I do know what you mean that painting can be intimidating, especially for one who loves line. Thanks for sharing--great work.

Juan said...

wooow... Wonderful illo!

INDIGENE said...

Can we spell, E X C E L L E N T, boys and girls? Love it!

thefridayfrog said...

ok, for me? the fact you shared that, was insanely inspiring as "paint freezes" for me too. it's so nice to know that an artist like you struggled with that. but this really is fantastic, i love, love the forced perspective. her dress. and what a draftsman! no wonder you were timid about painting on your pencil work.

but clearly you overcame this painting thing. wow!

theartofpuro said...

great illo,love the composition

John B. Watson said...

I always liked this piece a lot. I still yearn to see it completely colored in (maybe re-transfer it and paint it in acrylic.) I think that would be a worthwhile experiment when you're not busy with other work. Very appropriate for this week's IF topic.

Bella Sinclair said...

Marvelous! Wow, that fisheye perspective and her expression really punch that suffocating-in-clutter feeling! And I love the closeup of your lines. Incredible drawing!

Ooooh, I can so relate to your story. I have yet to conquer my fear of paint. Any paint. :)

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