Monday, April 14, 2008

Taking Flight

This past weekend I attended the New England SCBWI conference in Nashua, NH (SCBWI is the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators).

This illustration was my entry for the weekend's poster showcase. The theme of the showcase was "Take Flight" and I walked away with the honorable mention in the published category!

This annual conference features dozens of workshops presented by professionals in the children's publishing market (including writers, illustrators, art directors, and editors). My friend Teri Weidner gave a great workshop entitled Giving Visual Punch to Your Picture Book. The weekend was educational, fun and exhausting!


John B. Watson said...

Congrats on the honorable mention and on a fantastic poster! The colors are vibrant, the poses dynamic, the faces are expressive, and the digital paint rendering is extremely impressive and so close to traditional media. Glad the conference was informative and rewarding on many levels. Keep up the superior work. P.S.--I hope you were able to snag me a copy of the poster!

Mrs. Chili said...

Congratulations! What FUN!

Andy J Smith illustration said...

Nice meeting you on Saturday. Congrats on the deserved accolades! It's a great piece! Have fun up in Portsmouth!

Kelly Light said...

Robert- Hi, I was up at the NESCBWI conference last weekend. Your poster was amazing! and what we saw of you math book during Teri's workshop was also fantastic. I really, really like your work-Kelly