Monday, March 24, 2008

More Adventures in Digital Painting

Occasionally, my part-time graphic design gig affords me the opportunity to do some illustration. I created this digital painting (and the one in the previous post) for an insurance company (a rather hip insurance company).

I began this illustration with the line art, and then applied the color in a separate layer. The second image shows the illus without the line-art layer. Spooky!


John B. Watson said...

TERRIFIC! This one is nearly flawless (and you know I'm hard to please.) I could nit-pick about the most minor details, but I'm not going to. This one may even be better than the poor, T-Rex digital painting, which had been my fav up to this point (and still may be--maybe it's a tie.) I love the colors, atmosphere, and especially the expressions on the faces. Just perfect. Now go fill the sink with ice water and shrink your head back down to its normal size after all that praise (lol.) You're really getting the hang of that tablet and the digital brushes Master Squier.


John B. Watson said...

P.S. The work-in-progress image without the line art is gonna give me nightmares! It's really creepy.