Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In Your Face

Here's a collection of characters from my sketchbook. Most of these started as a simple shape: an inverted triangle, a rectangle, or an oval. I then filled the outline with a face, experimenting with placement and proportions of the features. Hey, how'd Geraldo get in there?!!


John B. Watson said...

"Face" the facts, those faces are great! They have a lot of character and personality. I hope some of them find their way into some of your finished illustrations (books, etc.) I've actually tried that technique of using different, simple shapes for heads and it works out well most of the time (i.e. my coffee nerds:)
Good to see more of your rough sketches.

Mrs. Chili said...

Oh my GOD, that IS Geraldo!!

I knew someone who looked like the left middle - or, I imagine he WOULD look like that now that he's older. He's Down's Syndrome and I knew him when I was a girl.

Kizz said...

Upper left is Dick Van Dyke, too! That ice pick of a chin.

Love the new banner, too.

John B. Watson said...

Let's see some new stuff. I miss them gators:(