Friday, April 13, 2007

Stego Final?

This just might be done. My super critic, John (every one needs a super critic), wants to see the background developed more. I don't want the background to detract from the kids and the stegosaurus (my favorite dino by the way). Perhaps a few more details–bricks on the chimney, shingles on the house. Scroll down to see earlier drafts of this illustration.


JOHN B. WATSON said...

You should listen to John. He has a rare gift for telling other people what they're doing incorrectly while not doing those things himself. Seriously though, the background elements DO need a bit more detail/development. Don't ignore my advice just to spite me (you do so at your own peril...)
--Super Critic

Anonymous said...

Fabulous work, Robert! Your kids are developing nicely. I agree with the "advice" about the background though.

Lisa Jahn-Clough said...

Oops, that anonymous comment was from me, Lisa J-C.

JOHN B. WATSON said...

So let's see the "even-closer-to-being-done" version already. A little nip and tuck here and there and you've got yourself one spectacular, FINISHED piece.

--Super Critic